who we are

Narrow Road Community Church is a simple church. We are a fresh non-denominational church that has a high view of the greatness of God, and a high regard for the authority of the Bible. We are regular people who desire to be the Men and Women God created us to be. We don't mind admitting our faults because we accept God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and more than anything else, this brings us hope and joy. Here's what you should expect when you visit:

  • Honest Worship Singing to the creator of the universe is not weird and it shouldn't be a show. It's one way we express our love and gratitude for all he has done, because he's worth it
  • Expository Teaching Verse by verse teaching through God's Word. We cover entire books at a time and break it down by small sections each week. This helps us better understand the Bible just how it was written.
  • Great People Life is hard, and we've decided to work through it together. We are made up of all diffrent kinds of people, but when push comes to shove, at the heart of it, we all have the same things in common.